“Vedic Art does not teach how to paint – No – Vedic Art is a way to remember how to paint and how art can be created. From the very start, when we hear about the seventeen Vedic Principles of Art, we begin to remember the whole story of life, from where we come, and where we are going.

Vedic Art is a chart. Use the compass you have in your brain and find the way to the chamber of peace in your heart. Then – when you dip your brush, light space bliss! … eternity will be pictured.

Art can open doors in heaven when you are immersed in your work of art – in yourself referral dialogue – you will find the code of how life can be lived and how to find peace. “

 ~ Vedic Art founder, Curt Källman ~


Taking part in a Vedic Art course is a wonderful way for you to connect with your creativity, reduce stress and liberate the potential for new ideas. 

Workshops are open to all who are interested or feel inspiration to the inner realization process. Whether or not you have previous experience in painting doesn’t make difference. Vedic Art is suitable as a further training for professionals in the creative arts, while for amateurs it can become a way of life.

The official Coordinator of Vedic Art in Ireland is Lorelai I. Dali. If you are Vedic Art teacher who would like to run courses in Ireland and be featured on this page, or would like to become one, please contact Lorelai for details.


See Courses page for all current events and workshops.

By working through the principles of Vedic Art you can:

  • Awaken to your unique gifts enabling you to unleash the REAL you

  • Remember how to express yourself from within and flow with creative process

  • Begin to create without demand or planning

  • Feel more confident about yourself and your capabilities

  • Learn to listen to your heart and start to live accordingly to what is there

  • Return faith in yourself through the acceptance of whom you are

  • Paint your dreams and allow them to manifest for you

  • Liberate from the blockages of ego and fears

  • Vedic Art it is not a therapy but it can be deeply therapeutic

  • Your heart in result opens up to show the truth about yourself and your own divine presence

“During Vedic Art workshop you experience 17 principles of creation. They are not written anywhere but to understand them you go through experiencing this special process of painting, which is meant to awake your inner wisdom. Through this process you express what you carry inside, in your heart, you paint your life, things you love, things you dream about, things you are afraid of or those you want to heal. The only inspiration is your inner life. This way we may practice new ways to act, overcoming our limits. You may paint sorrow and transform it into joy. You learn how to be open for changes in life, as life is about change.” 

 ~ Vedic Art founder, Curt Källman ~

All courses can be taught in English or Polish Language

Vedic Art Courses can be taught anywhere in the world! For dates in Dublin and Online Foundation Course please visit Courses section.

Become a host for Vedic Art Course in your city and attend the event for free plus make a commission! Check out our Affiliate program – get some friends together and contact us about details.


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