Vedic Art School in Ireland

Lorelai I. Dali  is the officially appointed Coordinator and Spokesperson for Vedic Art method in Ireland, She studied under Johannes Källman (Curt Källman’s son) and is running Foundation, Continuation and Teachers courses in Ireland and abroad. 

Lorelai is a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, writer, artist and teacher, focusing is on using creativity for self-development, healing past traumas and spiritual growth. Besides Vedic Art, she hosts creativity courses and workshops i.e. Mandala, Paint Pouring, Vision Board and more. 

Since 2010 Lorelai runs Lorelai Dali Trauma Healing & Therapy – place for all in need to rejuvenate body, mind and spirit, where she holds private therapies, inspirational events and interesting workshops.

Lorelai is also a published author of  ‘Miracles of Choice’ – book that inspires to choose and change your life to create your own personal heaven on earth. Lulu Author Page.

Lorelai I. Dali runs Level 1, Level 2 (in person and online) and Teacher’s Training Level 1 courses. She is the only Vedic Art teacher in Ireland allowed by Johannes Källman to provide Teacher’s Training in Ireland. 

Lorelai is based in Dublin but teaches courses in other parts of the country and holds retreats in Europe as well. She’s also one of the few teachers authorized to hold courses online.

Ph. 086 053 3323

IG: @lorelaiidali and @vedicartireland

If you are Vedic Art teacher who would like to run courses in Ireland and be featured on this page, or would like to become one, please contact Lorelai for details.

Lorelai’s Art Videos

Curt Källman’s Vedic Art School in Sweden

Johannes Källman is the official leader of Swedish Vedic Art school after Curt’s passing. He teaches weekend workshops in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland and also runs summer courses in Swedish and English language in beautiful island of Öland.





Celia Richard

French artist in healthcare settings Celia Richard has been facilitating visual art classes in the community for over 20 years. Vedic Art Teacher since 2018.

‘My experience of mindful visual art-making has helped myself and hundreds of others sustain a sense of wellbeing that helps us go from A to B, one bit at a time.’


Shercock, co. Cavan, Ireland




​Ph. 087 227 6856

IG: @richard_celia

Maja Izabela Zahorska

Polish speaking Vedic Art Teacher in Ireland

Terapeuta holistyczny, nauczycielka Vedic Art, trenerka Radykalnego Wybaczania metodą Tippinga, numerolog, karty terapeutyczne, warsztaty grupowe i sesje indywidualne. Od 10 lat zwołująca kręgi kobiet w Polsce i w Irlandii.

Location / Lokalizacja:
Blessington and Dunlavin, Ireland



Website / Strona Internetowa:

Contact / Kontakt:

Ph: 089 947 3606

IG: @majaberkano