Vedic Art Courses are run on 2 level basis in Vedic Art . Vedic Art 1st Level (Foundation) Course opens you up to the 17 Vedic Principles and sends you onto your spiritual and creative journey. Vedic Art 2nd Level (Continuation) Course allows you to explore the Principles deeper and connect even more with your inner Creator. Both levels are taught in Ireland by Lorelai I. Dali in English and Polish language. It is possible to run the courses separately or sometimes both levels can meet during the same course.

Vedic Art Teacher Courses are now offered in Ireland. There are two blocks of Teacher Course: TTC Level 1 that allows you to teach Foundation Level Courses and TTC Level 2 that allows you to teach Continuation Level Courses. Each block is taught over a full weekend. Teacher courses are theory based and don’t include time for painting. Please be advised that you have to complete both levels of Vedic Art before continuing onto the teacher training.

Vedangas Course is a weekend course that introduces you to six ancient qualities of Vedas that support Vedic Art principles.

The official Coordinator of Vedic Art in Ireland is Lorelai I. Dali. If you are Vedic Art teacher who would like to run courses in Ireland or would like to become one, please contact Lorelai for details.

All courses can be taught in English or Polish Language

During the course we paint accordingly to the 17th Principles of Vedic Art. Through the keys they present to us we can get in touch with our Higher Self and find the way back to our own heart, discover whom we are at our inner core: Divine Presence in us. The Principles are inter-connected, and they perfectly present the creative process not only in art but also in our lives.

Vedic Art Courses Overview

During Vedic Art course you can attend either of the levels:

for beginners. Experience 17 Principles and open up to your creativity in art and in life 
for those who want to continue with Level 2 and go deeper in knowing of use of 17 Principles
Future teachers can have theoretical information connected with practical approach by observing teaching for Foundation group in practice. New teachers can paint during lectures as well. 

If you have completed any of the levels and just want to join us to paint you will pay only half of the course fee. 

Course will be taught in English with Polish translation for any non-English speakers.

Foundation or Continuation level: €350
Teacher level: €1000

(non-refundable deposit of €100 for 1st/2nd Level or €300 for Teacher Level required required, to be paid at least 2 weeks in advance)

MATERIALS: You will need 8 to 12 canvas, acrylic paints (at least 75ml of 6-10 colours), brushes, paper, sketchbook, pencils, color pencils or crayons, glue, scissors and various decorations  

NOTE: Please be mindful that number of places are limited and you are only guaranteed the place if you pay the deposit.

Please read full Terms and Conditions

Upcoming Dates:


Live classes via Zoom

starting 8th of January 2024

15 Classes – we will meet 2 times a week: on Mondays and Fridays at 7pm (Dublin time)

Dates:January 8, 11, 15, 18, 22, 25, 29 & February 1, 5, 8, 12, 15, 19, 22, 26

Self-investment: €300

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: €250 if booked before Christmas

How does Online Course work?

Online course consists of 15 classes (20 to 40 minutes each) via Zoom platform and you complete painting exercises in your own time between classes. Please schedule 1-3 hours for each exercise between classes.

Materials: You will need 8 to 12 canvas, acrylic paints (at least 75ml of 6-10 colours), brushes, paper, sketchbook, pencils, color pencils or crayons, glue, scissors and various decorations 

NOTE: The classes will NOT be recorded. If you are unable to make a class you will be given an opportunity to have a private repeat session with the tutor. First repeat is free, any following missed classes will be charged a €10 per class rate.

Please read full Terms and Conditions


Online or in person (Dublin, Ireland)

Individual One-on-One Zoom online course (for Foundation or Continuation level) can be scheduled in the time that suits your own personal needs. It consists of 15 classes (30 to 60 minutes each) and you complete painting exercises in your own time between classes. Please schedule 1-3 hours for each exercise between classes.

Attending One-on-One course is a great opportunity to receive teacher’s undivided attention and invites the student to reflect on their journey and share their insights, which usually results in working through deep issues that may stand on the way not just to self-expression but also overall life happiness.

Self-investment: €450 online tuition / please inquire for current in-person rates

​(payment plan available upon request)

Please read full Terms and Conditions

Not sure if Vedic Art is for you?
​Watch replay from Introduction Workshop

Painting Day for Vedic Art Students

Time: tbc
Where: tbc

Self-investment: €30

Details: This meeting is a chance for intuitive painters, who already attended Vedic Art Foundation or Continuation Courses (either with Vedic Art Ireland or anywhere else in the world) to be able to paint according to the 17 Vedic principles in a comfortable, studio setting. 
We would also like to invite other intuitive painters to join us in the studio, providing they are willing to respect the rules of openness, silence, respect and no judgement during the painting process.

We all know how we attend different workshops and courses only to later not practice what we have learned. There are many reasons (which I call excuses…) – busy daily life, too many responsibilities, distractions at home (such as tv, internet or demanding family), lack of motivation to start, procrastination or – in case of painting – no appropriate space and materials to paint. That’s why I set up these monthly 1/2 day meetings – to allow you to keep using the Vedic Principles to create, have fun and connect with your heart and the Cosmos. All that in peaceful, comfortable and open group setting.

Tables, chairs  and couple of easels will be provided but you’re welcome to bring your own. 

This is not a teaching event but you would be able to inquire about Vedic Art method and courses. 

Please read full Terms and Conditions

To schedule a private painting group for your friends or family please contact us.

Become a host for Vedic Art Course and attend the event for free plus make a commission!

So get some friends together and see Affiliate Program for more details.